UAF | Libby and Tiana

becky-bundleAs registrar, I have seen a lot of changes at UAF. I moved to Fairbanks in the summer of 1978, and was with the university when our state faced some very serious economic troubles in the ’80s — much like we are now. One thing that hasn’t changed at UAF is our sense of family and community. For me, being part of a community means giving a little back.

I first started giving in 2011 to the A. Ruth Evern Scholarship, to honor my friend Ruth after her passing. Giving back felt so good that I have continued giving every year. Receiving my annual phonathon call is something I sincerely look forward to each year. Speaking directly to a student like Tiana about her experience,
I learned that donors like you and me truly make a difference in students’ lives. Giving, no matter the amount, is a concrete way to show that we believe in students and want them to succeed. When they walk across that stage on graduation day, knowing we had a little something to do with it — priceless.

Libby Eddy ’92


I joined the phonathon as a student caller in the fall semester of 2013. Calling strangers was a little intimidating at first, but very quickly I learned just how special the UAF community is. Sometimes I wouldn’t get a donation, but I would have the most interesting conversation with an alum and learn so much! Every once in a while, I would have a truly fantastic connection, like I did with Libby. Her belief in me really motivated me to work harder.

Phonathon was one of the most important things I did in college. I learned so much — most importantly about the kindness of strangers like you. Thank you. In fact, I was so inspired by you, last year I became a donor myself! I learned that if everyone gives a little, together we can accomplish so much.

Thank you,
Tiana Elkins ’15, BA English