UAF | Sierra ’15


Photo courtesy of UAF.

The smell of the summer air in Alaska has an energizing effect. I feel invigorated out in the wild, whether it’s on the water, commercial fishing with an elder in Unalakleet, perched on an observation tower counting salmon, or most recently this summer as a research assistant, flipping our boat while scouting — I know I made the right choice as a fourth-year student pursuing a bachelor’s of science in biological sciences.

I was raised in Unalakleet, Alaska, and in high school attended the summer Rural Alaska Honors Institute on the Fairbanks campus. When I first began attending UAF in 2011, I had the intention of earning a biology degree and then continuing to graduate school in the Lower 48 to become a veterinarian. After studying at UAF for about a year, I realized I was far more interested in learning about and researching what Alaska has to offer through natural resources, fisheries and wildlife.

I chose UAF because I appreciate the small-town feel of the campus, I enjoy the challenging cold of Fairbanks winters, and, most importantly, I believe that UAF has an exciting program for my chosen major. Had I gone to a school elsewhere, I would not have had the unique opportunity to study in the wilderness of Alaska, or to see how actual Alaskan researchers do their studies.

Because of scholarships, I haven’t taken out any student loans and can focus on my studies instead of worrying about mounting debt. I am extremely thankful for donors like you — lowering students’ costs during this time in their life is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give to them. As a phonathon student caller in the fall of 2013, I was so pleased to have the opportunity to call and thank donors directly. UAF is an impressive and remarkable research university, and I think that it is due to generous donors like you that UAF has so much to offer today.

Thank you for supporting UAF and students like me.
Sierra Corsetti
BS Biological Sciences, ’15

Story courtesy of UAF.